Info – The History of a Wonderful Thing We Call Insulin

The History of a Wonderful Thing We Call Insulin Since the dawn of time, we have searched for ways to make life easier for us. The modern age has given us some amazing technological advances—what we would do without the internet, our iPhones or high-speed travel? For many people, surviving life without these things sounds […]


Full interview: Genprex’s newly licensed type 1 diabetes gene therapy’s potential explained by scientist

Dr George Gittes, Professor of Surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh explains how and why he began working on the gene therapy licensed by Genprex (NASDAQ:GNPX). Dr Gittes says the therapy, currently undergoing pre-clinical studies, has shown data where it caused pancreatic cells to turn into insulin-producing cells. Watch it here –>

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Blood Sugar Readings – By Kelly Dawes

This does NOT include your CGM readings, these are for finger tests. What Affects Your Blood Sugar Test Readings? You Will Be Surprised! Since your doctor told you that you have diabetes, you’ve had to make a few changes. Among other things, you probably now must check your blood sugars using a meter. Monitoring your […]


Women-owned tech company to revolutionise Type 1 diabetes management

Quin, a women-owned company, is expanding its research and development of a pioneering Type 1 diabetes management app for people who are living with the condition, which requires individuals to self-administer insulin throughout the day to ensure HbA1c (average blood glucose level over three months) are as close to normal as possible. Of the 3.8 […]


Rencontres du premier type – édition 2019

Joignez-vous à nous pour vivre une fin de semaine mémorable! Les personnes diabétiques de type 1 doivent mener un combat quotidien et peuvent se sentir seules dans leur situation. Les Rencontres du premier type représentent donc une occasion unique pour elles! Il s’agit d’une fin de semaine complète entièrement dédiée au diabète de type 1. […]


Are you Canadian? Sign this petition!

In Canada, each province offers different pump coverage. Some are 18 and under, some are 25 and under, some are for everyone. We believe EVERYONE should be covered for pumps, it’s not a ‘lifestyle luxury’, it’s a matter of life and death. You can sign the petition here to send to your MNA (Minister of […]