Veteran overcomes Type 1 diabetes through the help of technology

DAVIS, W.Va. – Jason Syr, an army veteran, was diagnosed with what would usually be considered a career-ending disease while on deployment with his army regiment in Kenya, working alongside Kenyan Special Forces. That disease was Type 1 diabetes and at first, Syr couldn’t believe it because he was in great shape, ate well, and […]


Study shows type 1 diabetes early diagnosis may be possible

A breakthrough discovery could see type 1 diabetes being diagnosed before symptoms kick in which may help with efforts to delay development of the condition, researchers have said. In most cases, type 1 diabetes is usually identified following symptoms such as extreme thirst, excessive urination and tiredness, all of which are a result of hyperglycemia […]

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Ashley’s Story

Saturday, March 1, 2003, my Diabetaversary. I had been losing weight since January. I was thirsty and becoming more so as the days passed. I was in the bathroom urinating a lot. I started to count how often, and when I got to 8 before 3pm I got concerned. (I had seen a commercial on […]