Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms out there! I know I personally couldn’t have done this without my mom! Our contest ends in 3 hours! Make sure you enter! We want you to win a tumbler for you or your mom! It’s gonna get there late, but that’s just a way to extend the […]



Head on over to our instagram or facebook and comment/tag your friends! Here are the rules Contest time! To celebrate 400 followers (!!!) and the fact that it’s my bday tomorrow, we’re giving away a tumbler! (although if we hit 500 followers, we’ll give away more!) Here are the rules. (we ship worldwide just might […]

Strut Your Stuff

Contest Alert!

CONTEST ALERT!!!!! Do you want one of these awesome ‘Running on Carbs & Insulin’ wine tumblers? All you have to do is.. 1) Follow Us on Instagram 2) Write us an awesome message below 3) Tag 5 people who should follow us back! Enter as many times as you want! Contest is open worldwide! Shipping […]