Life Hacks

Baby Oil Life Hack

From Type2Chic Using Baby oil for all my adhesive removals! The oil can be distributed by a q- tip or cotton ball, to wipe around the adhesive before a bath / shower, it also works for hospital tape adhesive left on the skin from iv s and lab work , simply apply before bath or […]

Insulin Life Hacks

Intimacy : with Technology

A very common question is, how does being connected to technology work when I want to be intimate? So first off this is completely normal and a very common question! However there are no straight answers… Here are some things to keep in mind: some people who use an insulin pump with a tubing will […]

Life Hacks

Avoid Losing Electrolytes When Fighting DKA

Every Type 1 diabetic is told to fight off DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis) the best thing to do is drink LOTS of water.  While this definitely helps, it also flushes out necessary electrolytes from our system. Keeping a few bottles of sugar free sports drinks in the house is a great way to help so that […]

Life Hacks

Easy Low Supplies for the Office

You’re at work (or school) and suddenly, you’re feeling a little bit weak, you check your blood sugar, and sure enough, LOW. A really easy low supply to keep in your desk in the office, or fit into your pocket if you are in a rush, is a small box of raisins.  The small boxes […]

Life Hacks

Rockets Life Hacks

  Do you have an old container of ‘Dex 4 Glucose Tablets’ lying around? Rocket candies are the same size and similar sugar levels! Swap those into the same container once you’re done with the Dex4, especially if you can’t get a replacement right away!