Rethinking Type 1 diabetes with a radically new immunotherapy approach

Jean Van Rampelbergh PhD, VP Clinical & Regulatory at Imcyse SA, introduces Imotopes™, the innovative new immunotherapy approach causing scientists to rethink Type 1 diabetes and its treatment

Severe and chronic autoimmune diseases are some of the most difficult and complex immune system-related diseases to treat. Normally, the immune system guards against bacteria and viruses and sends out an army of fighter cells to protect against these infectious diseases. An autoimmune disease occurs when the immune system mistakenly identifies healthy cells as foreign invaders and begins to attack them.

While the exact cause of most autoimmune diseases is still unknown, a small clinical-stage company from the Walloon Region of Belgium, Imcyse SA, has developed a radically new treatment approach. The biotech company is developing a technology platform based on the discovery of modified synthetic peptides – Imotopes™, which specifically block improper autoimmune responses.

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