First-of-its-Kind Bio-Artificial Pancreas on Track for Type-I Diabetes Cure

Leading biomedical company Beta-O2 Technologies gearing up to start second round of human clinical trials within the year on heels of promising preliminary results 

Boston, MA — Imagine a world where those living with Type 1 Diabetes, a chronic illness affecting more than 60 million adults globally, no longer had to deal with regular blood glucose monitoring, daily insulin injections or life-threatening nighttime hypoglycemic events, but instead could eat, exercise and sleep worry-free. That’s the kind of future an up-and-coming breakthrough technology is on track to creating.

Beta-O2 Technologies, a privately held biomedical company headquartered in Israel with research and industry affiliates across the U.S., is working to deliver a first-of-its-kind bio-artificial pancreas as a safe, effective and long-term cure for the disease. With preliminary animal trials showing promising results for its second generation breakthrough device, called Bio-artificial Pancreas (ßAir), the company is planning to begin human clinical trials within the year.

“We have strong pre-clinical evidence to prove the safe operation of our device on animals,” said Beta-O2 CEO Amir Lichter, noting that the second generation ßAir is performing well in ongoing animal studies. “It’s an enormous achievement that is paving the road for human trials.”

Measuring approximately 2.5 by 2.5 inches, ßAir is made of titanium. It has two components: a macrocapsule that contains pancreatic cells and an oxygen tank equipped with an external port, so patients can easily refresh oxygen levels weekly. Once implanted under a patient’s skin, it becomes a natural source of insulin, sensing blood glucose levels and delivering insulin as required.

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