James Norton says he has to inject ‘up to 15 times a day’ because of type 1 diabetes

James Norton has spoken about how having type 1 diabetes affects him on a daily basis, emphasising that “being diabetic does not hold you back”.

The actor, who is currently starring as osteopath Stephen Ward in BBC1’s The Trial of Christine Keeler, was diagnosed with the condition more than a decade ago.

If someone has type 1 diabetes, their body does not produce any insulin, putting them at greater risk of suffering from health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and issues with circulation.

Treatment for the condition requires daily insulin injections or pumps, something that Norton has had to become accustomed to.

“I have to inject every time I eat carbohydrates – up to 15 times a day, with 5mm needles you use discreetly,” he told The Times, adding that he was likely to inject at least once or twice during the interview.

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