Revolutionary wireless insulin pump is now available at King’s College Hospital

Type 1 diabetics treated at King’s College Hospital are the first in the UK to use a new wireless insulin pump.

The tubeless device provides up to three days of insulin without daily injections. It is attached to the wearers’ body and has an easy-to-use touchscreen handset described as being like a smartphone.

One of the first to try the insulin pump upgrade is 37-year-old finance worker Ben Smith, an ultra-marathon runner from Streatham, who will be running the London Marathon later this year.

“I’ve been using a wireless insulin pump for seven years and it has had a huge impact on my quality of life,” he said.

“I can just get on with my daily routine. The upgraded system is just like a mobile phone so programming my meals is more intuitive and user-friendly than before.

“The data collected will help the team at King’s to monitor my condition and allow me to continue managing my diabetes.”

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