Diabetic CEO Builds His Business To Help Others Deal With The Disease


David Weingard, CEO and founder of Cecelia Health, traces the beginning of his company to the day, at 36 years old, he walked into a doctor’s office and was told he had Type 1 diabetes, also known as juvenile diabetes.

“I had no energy, and when I stepped on the scale I was 30 pounds lighter than I expected,” Weingard said. “I was in shock, overwhelmed.”

Normally Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed at a much younger age than Weingard was at the time, but a small percentage of people are diagnosed later in life. No one knows the reason for the later onset of the disease, according to Weingard.

Weingard’s next shock came as he tried to find advice and support. Weingard was born and raised in Manhattan, where he still lives.

“I went to the local hospital and was told the next diabetes training was months away,” Weingard said. “I was fortunate to meet a great clinician named Cecelia Born-Cort, who gave me support and compassion, and inspired me.”

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