Identical Twin Football Players Fight Type 1 Diabetes

The Holsinger brothers are instantly recognizable on the St. Thomas University campus in Miami Gardens.

Being identical twins who play on the football team will get you noticed.

Noah plays defensive back, Harrison plays quarterback.

“We’re always checking up on each other, did you do this, make sure you do that,” Harrison said.

They say twins have a special bond, with many of the same likes and dislikes.

“We’re both pretty into cars, we both really like cars,” Harrison said.

“We actually love the show ‘Friends,'” Noah replied.

They also have something else in common: Type 1 diabetes.

“Athletes already have a stressful life without having Type 1 diabetes and it’s just another thought that’s going through your head,” said Harrison.

The brothers have insulin pumps and monitors which constantly feed blood sugar levels to their phones.

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