Pilots With Type 1 Diabetes Will be Allowed to Fly Commercial Jets: CNN’s Oren Libermann Has the Scoop

Last week, CNN broke the news that the Federal Aviation Administration will for the first time allow pilots with insulin-treated diabetes to fly commercial airlines in the United States. The news was roundly applauded by advocates for both aviation and diabetes.

The risk of severe hypoglycemia in the cockpit is obvious, but court filings detailing the FAA’s thinking demonstrate that the agency appears to be satisfied that pilots equipped with Continuous Glucose Monitors can readily anticipate and prevent dangerous blood sugar lows. The new policy was roundly applauded by groups such as the American Diabetes Association and the Air Line Pilots Association.

Oren Liebermann was the CNN reporter with the scoop. This was no coincidence. Liebermann has Type 1 diabetes and is himself an amateur pilot; he only turned away from a possible career in aviation after developing the disease.

Oren is a longtime friend of and has written for us in the past. (Check out his amazing report on climbing to Machu Picchu!) Oren was gracious enough to speak to us about his reporting on the story and what the news means to him personally.

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