Beau Knows Production: Corrales Pushing Through Type 1 Diabetes to Become Reliable Target for Tar Heels

For better or worse, nothing has stopped Beau Corrales — or so he thought.

In his mind, the big Texan has gone after he what he wanted and gone all-in, whether it was grinding his way to a Division I football scholarship, moving halfway across the country to realize that dream at North Carolina or, to the brief disappointment of his parents, covering his left arm and right leg in tattoos.

Just before the start of his senior year of high school, Corrales couldn’t hold out any longer on getting his first, getting Bible verse 1 John 4:18 tattooed on his chest.

“My parents were livid,” he said. “They were telling me to wait until I was 18; I went to a janky artist when I was 17 — right before — couldn’t wait a week. He screwed me up pretty bad and I ended up having to spend some extra money on someone to fix it.”

The pieces on his left arm flow from to the next, all with some meaning for the junior receiver. There’s his hometown area code from Austin, a pair of praying hands holding a rosary along with the word “Believe” and phrase “Thick and Thin.”

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