Baltimore Ravens TE Andrews Enjoying Breakout Year While Battling Type 1 Diabetes

Baltimore Ravens second-year tight end Mark Andrews is having a breakout year, leading all Ravens players in receiving yards, but he faces a hidden struggle most fans are unaware of.

“For me, it’s just being thankful to be in that situation where I can go out and play a game I love and just try to protect myself, protect my teammates, and thank God,” Andrews said.

That’s what goes through Andrews’ mind before a game. NBC Sports ranks Andrews the eighth best tight end in the entire league.

The 23-year-old said he believes his play style is similar to that of another top tight end.

“I would say right now a guy in the league probably Travis Kelce is pretty similar,” Andrews said. “I think I resemble him a little bit.”

Quarterback Lamar Jackson said Andrews always finds a way to get open.

Andrews has 449 receiving yards, the fourth-most among all NFL tight ends, as well as 36 receptions and three receiving touchdowns so far during the regular season, but there’s something most people wouldn’t suspect about the strapping 6-foot 4-inch, 256-pound Oklahoma graduate.

“I’m eating certain things,” Andrews said. “I’m doing certain things, testing my blood sugar, and just making sure at all times I’m not forgetting about it.”

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