This Comic Strip Reveals How ‘Stranger Things’ Is Basically the Story of Diabetes

For illustrator Janina Gaudin, “Stranger Things” isn’t only a story about teenagers fighting monsters. It’s also the story of diabetes.

Gaudin, who lives in Auckland, New Zealand, creates comics about type 1 diabetes under the name Miss Diabetes. When the third season of the Netflix horror comedy series premiered in July, Gaudin took the opportunity to create a comic strip that reveals what diabetes and the world of “Stranger Things” have in common.

The Upside Down alternate universe of “Stranger Things,”Gaudin thought, could be a metaphor for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), because they both can be scary, disconcerting and lonely. People with diabetes have to constantly fight “hypo beasts” — aka low blood sugar — all day every day, just like “Stranger Things” regulars Mike, Eleven and their friends have to fight the demogorgons monsters.

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