Eli Lilly confirms probe by New York’s Attorney General over insulin prices

Eli Lilly has been hit with a subpoena from the New York Attorney General’s Office over the pricing and sales of its insulin products, the drugmaker disclosed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.

Attorney general offices in Mississippi, Washington D.C., California, Florida, Hawaii, and Nevada are also seeking information on its pricing, Eli Lilly said in the filing. It also received a civil investigative demands from attorney general offices in Washington and New Mexico.

Eli Lilly did not respond to requests for comment.

Earlier this week, drugmaker Sanofi disclosed that it, Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk had received subpoena from New York’s AG.

Eli Lily, the maker of blockbuster diabetes treatment Humalog, and other manufacturers have been under scrutiny from U.S. lawmakers and the White House over the high cost of insulin, a 100-year-old life-saving medication.

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