Bernie Sanders leads caravan into Canada to purchase cheaper insulin with American prices rising

Windsor, Ontario (CNN)The Democratic primary campaign trail took a detour north of the border Sunday, when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders led a group of roughly a dozen people with Type I diabetes into Canada to purchase insulin for a fraction of the price they would be charged in the United States.

Rising insulin costs have led an estimated one-in-four patients to ration the drug, a potentially deadly — and increasingly commonplace — practice among those who either lose insurance or cannot afford plans that sufficiently cover their expenses.

Sanders’ trip, which began a little more than 48 hours before the second round of Democratic debates, was designed to bring new attention to the hardships facing people with Type I diabetes — issues, he said again on Sunday, that can be traced directly back to “greedy” pharmaceutical companies and lawmakers who refuse to take on the crisis.

Caravan this way –>

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