Study suggests genetic testing for young people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

A Joslin Diabetes Center study among people treated for type 1 diabetes for many years has discovered that a minority may have monogenic diabetes, a non-autoimmune inherited condition that in some cases does not require insulin treatment.

“Our finding has clinical implications,” says George L. King, MD, Joslin Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, and senior author on a paper describing the work published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. “We are recommending that everyone under 18 who is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes be screened for monogenic diabetes, which is not being done at this time.”

This result is part of an ongoing research initiative among Joslin Medalists, who have lived with type 1 diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes for at least 50 years. The Joslin team also reported other significant discoveries about the activity of insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells over time in this population.

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