Over One-Third T1D Patients Bail on Closed-Loop System

NEW ORLEANS — Almost 40% of diabetes patients who used a hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system to improve glucose control quit the system within a few months, researchers reported here.

In a real-world, observational study of 93 pediatric and young adults patients with type 1 diabetes from a single clinic, 38% (n=35) discontinued use of the system within 9 months, according to Gregory Goodwin, MD, of Boston Children’s Hospital, and colleagues.

The reason for this high discontinuation rate was often due to trouble staying in automode — referred to as the true “artificial pancreas” — Goodwin explained at ENDO 2019, The Endocrine Society annual meeting.

Other reasons for discontinuation included technical difficulties with use of the system, such as frequent alarms, premature sensor failure, requirement of calibration, skin adhesion problems, and sensor supply issues.

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