Effective type 1 diabetes screening risk score discovered

A new risk score has been developed which experts say could be a more effective way to screen for type 1 diabetes.

It works by taking into account detailed genetic information known to increase the chances of the autoimmune condition.

Is it thought this pioneering approach could make life easier when it comes to screening babies deemed ay high risk for type 1 diabetes.

The score could also be used at time of diagnosis to help decide if the person has type 1 or type 2 diabetes, which require very different treatments.

The research teams from the University of Exeter and the Pacific Northwest Research Institute in Seattle worked collaboratively and together found the risk score, known as T1DGRS2, was nearly twice as efficient at identifying babies at high risk of type 1 diabetes as existing methods in a recent study.

At the moment screening babies involve measuring autoantibodies-proteins in the blood, indicating beta cell destruction.

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