Diabetes Distress

Did you know that about 70% of Canadians and Americans living with Type 1 Diabetes have reported  Diabetes Distress? ( Fisher L et al., J Diabetes Complications, 2015; 29(4):572-577)

What is Diabetes Distress?

Definition: The emotional and behavioral challenges lived in relation to diabetes and its management on a day to day basis (Dr W.H Polonsky)

Have you felt  Overwhelmed by the demands of living with diabetes?

Have you felt that you are often Failing in your diabetes routine and regimen?

You are not alone! About 70% of people living with Type 1 Diabetes have or are experiencing Diabetes Distress.

Many have stated a feeling of powerlessness: ongoing frustrations of managing blood glucose levels when so much of the variations is outside of their control.

Diabetes Distress needs to be talked about! Ask your health care provider about it and how to address it.

Know that Diabetes Distress is valid, a real thing and felt by many. With your health care team address the topic and hopefully they can help guide you, finding tips and tricks to address the Distress.

You are not alone!

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