Insulin Life Hacks

Intimacy : with Technology

A very common question is, how does being connected to technology work when I want to be intimate?
So first off this is completely normal and a very common question! However there are no straight answers…
Here are some things to keep in mind: some people who use an insulin pump with a tubing will disconnect from the pump, so very important to remember to reconnect!! (and not fall asleep)
During intimacy some people experience lower blood sugars (like during exercise) and some people will experience their blood sugars increasing (due to different hormones).
So test your blood sugars to see how your body reacts!

Generally people find it easier if the person they are intimate with know beforehand what they are wearing on their body and it’s less of a surprise!

There are some cool stickers for the sensors, the infusion sets and the pods which can make them more fun and attractive for some !! *see below

Speak to your healthcare provider they can guide you on how long to disconnect and if any changes can be made to your insulin during this time.

some sticker/peels options are, & RockADex

(we are in no way affiliated with those companies)

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