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Medtronic’s 670G Insulin Pump – Now Available in Canada

Medtronic Minimed 670G approved in Canada.  After being FDA approved in the US over 3 years ago, the closed loop self-adjusting insulin pump is now available in Canada.


Here is the press release

SUBJECT: Medtronic receives Health Canada licence for the MiniMed 670G system- The world’s first self-adjusting insulin pump system




Medtronic has received Health Canada licence for MiniMedTM 670G system- The world’s first self-adjusting insulin pump system1,2,3*





It gives me great pleasure on behalf of Medtronic to inform you that the MiniMedTM 670G system received Health Canada licence, and I wanted you to be one of the first to know.


The MiniMedTM 670G is the first and only system that automatically adjusts basal insulin based upon sensor glucose values to help increase time in range with fewer highs and lows2,3.  It contains our latest SmartGuard™ technology- SmartGuardTM Auto Mode as well as our new and most accurate4 continuous glucose monitoring sensor- the GuardianTM Sensor 3.


We are working diligently to make the MiniMedTM 670G system available in Fall 2018.


We would love to schedule some time with you over the next few weeks to provide you with more information.


Best Regards,


[Sheldon Smith]


*Some user interaction required .The MiniMedTM 670G system is intended for the treatment of people with type 1 diabetes who are 7 years of age and older and using a Total Daily Dose (TDD) of more than 8 units









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