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Ashley’s Story

Saturday, March 1, 2003, my Diabetaversary.

I had been losing weight since January. I was thirsty and becoming more so as the days passed. I was in the bathroom urinating a lot. I started to count how often, and when I got to 8 before 3pm I got concerned. (I had seen a commercial on TV that stated 8 times is the maximum amount you should pee in a day.) I asked my Mom what was wrong with me, could it be Diabetes? She said “No, it is not in our family” My great aunt (through marriage) had Type 1, but we knew nothing about it.

The exhaustion ramped up quickly. My GP could not see me before mid March, so we went to a clinic and explained my symptoms. Because I had eaten an orange that morning she told me to come back the next day for a fasting blood test.

That night was excruciating. I remember walking down the stairs to get water and I had to sit on the couch to catch my breath. Finally, at 5 a.m. I passed out in my parent’s bed. By 8 a.m. they were taking me to the clinic.

I don’t remember that blood test. I went home and started eating a bagel with cucumber on it, as my mouth was so dehydrated I could not swallow. I then went up the stairs to lay down. I was so lethargic my Mom was scared.

My parents drove me to the hospital. I remember seeing vivid flashes of black and white… almost like a silent film playing in front of my eyes.

In triage, my Mom told the nurse my symptoms. I was placed on a gurney immediately and the ER doctor pricked my finger. He called over my parents and said ‘Your daughter has Type 1 diabetes’….

I sat up, said ‘I told you so, but it could be worse”, and passed out for the next 12 hours. I spent 48 hours in the Emergency ICU until my blood levels were under control.

Thus begun my life with Type 1. I started by giving myself injections. Since 2007, I have been using the Medtronic insulin pumps.

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